Features of different Requeste packages

Requeste Silver Requeste Silver is a ready-to-use package for all the needs of a customer service unit. It includes a service form for processing and classifying feedback and service requests received via e-mail and telephone and responding to them. A number of different reports are compiled on the basis of the feedback. During implementation, the service form is adapted to the needs of the customer, and after implementation, any adjustments to the system can be ordered as work subject to a fee from the Requeste customer support .Deployment project The deployment project for the Silver package is available as a limited (EUR 400) or an extensive (EUR 1,000) version (VAT 0%).Limited deployment project includes the installation of the Server for the customer's use and the adjustment of the Service form classification values according to the customer's needs and on the basis of a listing provided by the customer. In limited deployment project, the customer is responsible for independently importing their own customer data into the system from a CSV file, if necessary, or manually entering the customer data in the system. Instructions are provided for importing the customer data.Extensive deoployment project includes the Server installation, a two-hour implementation workshop, a service form, the adjustment of classification values according to the customer's needs and the guided import of customer data. In addition, a one-hour remote basic training session is organised for the users. If any need for additional work is observed during implementation, it can be ordered as billable work.The Silver environment only accepts named licenses.As a default, the Silver version includes the following add-ons:

  • CSV-Parser

Requeste Gold As a default, Requeste Gold includes two different service forms for the needs of two different groups. The service forms are used for processing and classifying feedback received via e-mail and telephone. The system enables sending and receiving e-mails from a number of different mail boxes and directing them to different service groups. In addition, the system uses an efficient escalation feature to automatically assign service requests to the correct service group. The system can also be set to send alerts when certain conditions are met. Deployment project The deployment project for the Gold version costs EUR 3,000 (VAT 0%). It includes the Server installation, two service forms, e-mail templates, alerts and knowledge base workshop with a remote connection as well as the remote configuration of the system on the basis of these needs. In addition, the service includes a two-day training session in the customer's facilities (in Finland) in which the main users of the system are trained and the users undergo basic training.The system's service forms are adapted according to need during implementation and their number affects the workload of the deployment project. If more than two service groups start to use the system, the work needed is billed separately after words.In the implementation project, the administrators are trained to manage the necessary changes to the system. However, the administrators can also order configuration work, if desired, from the Requeste customer support as invoiced work. Both floating and fixed licences can be used with the Gold version. As a default, the Gold version includes the following add-ons: 

  • Knowledgebase
  • Alerts and escalations
  • CSV-Parser
  • other options with additional fee

Requeste Platinum Requeste Platinum is adjusted according to the customer's needs during the deployment project. The system may include several service forms and service groups, and a customer service interface is offered to your company's customers to record and track support requests. The look of the customer service interface is adjusted to match the visual style of your business. A knowledge base and/or FAQs can be published in the customer service interface, if necessary. Alerts can be added to the system for various needs, and the service level agreement option is used for monitoring service promises. In addition, an adjustable CMDB register can be deployed to maintain IT equipment, agreements, project data, etc.The main users are trained to use all the configurable options and to maintain these features. If desired, a complete Administrator service can be ordered for the Platinum version, whereupon the Requeste customer service manages all the administrative user tasks. The Administrator service is charged separately. Deployment project of the Platinum version is always specifically tailored to the needs of the customer. The price of the deployment project is determined according to the options to be deployed and the days of training required for the project. The project starts with a mutual workshop, where the objectives of the project are determined, the options to be utilized will be selected and an implementation plan will be drafted.Both floating and fixed licences can be used in Requeste Platinum.As a default, the Platinum version includes the following add-ons:

  • Knowledgebase
  • Alerts and escalations
  • CMDB
  • Customer web interface
  • SLA - Service level agreements
  • LDAP / AD integration
  • CSV-Parser

Ominaisuudet Silver Gold Platinum
Receiving support requests by phone or email
Receiving support requests via customer web interface    
Assigning cases to a person
Assigning cases to teams  
Group update for support requests  
Merging support requests  
Handling of sub tasks  
Choosing the process phases in which emails are sent
Self definable email templates  
Email alerts according to rules  
Classifying support requests
Modifying classification values freely  
Adding custom fields to support requests  
Free modification of support process  
Saving support request handling process
Possibility to add any kind of attachments
Searching with most used fields
Searching with all the fields of the case
Saved searches
Saved searches by group  
Customizable customer register  
Customizable user register  
Mass email sending   Additional fee
Responsive web user interface
Customer web interface   Additional fee
Customizable customer's support request forms  
Basic reports
Customizable reports  
FAQ for internal use
FAQ for customer use   Additional fee
Customizable CMDB (hw/sw/project register)   Additional fee
Attaching support requests to CMDB item   Additional fee
Service level agreements and follow up   Additional fee
Importing customer/user data from CSV-data to basic fields
Importing customer/user data from CSV-data to customized register fields  
Languages Finnish and English
Other user interface language   Additional fee Additional fee
Integration to AD-server   Additional fee Additional fee
Server in Finnish data center Additional fee