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NCC Building ( operates in the industry of housing development and housebuilding. The headquarters of NCC Building are situated in Helsinki, and the company employs about 2,000 people. The subsidiaries in the Baltic countries and Russia are in charge of construction operations in areas around Finland. The shares of NCC Ab are listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange.

NCC Building was the first company in the Finnish industry of housing development and housebuilding to implement the Requeste system developed by Sysart Oy. The company uses the new system to manage all its customer feedback and control the processing thereof.
Sysart has delivered similar feedback and customer service systems since 2001. The system was developed to be extremely adjustable from the very beginning, which means that the customers can deploy the system quickly and cost-efficiently without extensive customer-specific software customisation. According to Satu Kontio, Requeste Business Area Manager at Sysart, the decision of NCC Building to become a Requeste user is excellent proof of the system’s quick adaptability to various operating environments.

Project Manager Marjukka Kuittinen-Jussila acted as the contact person in the NCC Building system project and says that the company used to process customer feedback in the traditional manner by using e-mail. With Requeste, the processing of customer feedback is more efficient and controlled. The essential features of the product include the online feedback form that is easily updated and adaptable without extra programming, the quick modelling of the feedback handling process and the extremely flexible adjustment of data content in feedback. Integrations allow construction projects and project procurement information to be imported into the system, making it easy to connect the necessary project and procurement information to the feedback and view it through the feedback form.
Requeste is a product family for service process management, enabling businesses and organisations to produce more high-quality and cost-efficient services. It can easily be applied to companies of various sizes and industries.

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