Requeste Chat

Requeste Chat is a real-time, interactive channel between the customer and the company's customer support.

The chat enables real-time processing of communication. The chat can also be installed without the Requeste system.


Reduce phone calls to the customer service
Serve several customers simultaneously
Keep up to date with customer feedback

Anywhere, anytime

The chat window can be added to any web page. The operators can respond to chat enquiries from one or several work queues and have several conversations at once. This makes the work more efficient than over the phone.

In bottleneck situations, the operator can clearly see the number of people in the queue, and the customer is notified of situations like this.

The system can be set to only display the chat window when there are operators logged in to the chat system. If a case is unresolved, a support request can be created on the basis of the chat in the Requeste customer support system. This support request can be set to automatically escalate in the correct work queue.


• User interface in English and Finnish

• Support for operator teams
• Support for different office hours of teams
• Clear dashboard view of chats
• Diverse statistics
• Visitor information
• Proactive chat
• Chat between operators
• Archive for chats
• Automatic responses
• Extensive configuration possibilities
• Adjustable chat window visible on the site
• The chat window can be hidden if none of the operators are present
• Customer view suited for use with tablet and smartphone



Contains 10 operators. Includes server monitoring, maintenance and customer support.
Additional operators 15 €/month.

Deployment project starting with 950 €, tailored according to customer needs.

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